Being the perfect girl has its ups and has its downs. Everyone expects me to be someone that I really am not. I put on an act in front of my friends and boyfriend because they expect me to be a person that I'm not. They think I am a person that only thinks about myself, who is only book smart, and who needs to be the center of attention. It was a constant battle to be the person they wanted me to be when I'm with them, and be the person I really am with my family. My family is beginning to worry about me because they think all I care about is getting all my work for school as soon as I can so I can leave and go straight to something with my boyfriend or close friends. Everyday is a constant battle between the two. Day by day, I do the exact same thing. Wake up two hours before school, get a shower, wash and blow dry my hair, do my make up, pick out an outfit, and go to school. It is a constant struggle for me to keep acting like I am someone I'm not. When I go to school instead of being the person I am, I'm a total stranger. But I don't know why.

Today, something changed though. Today was the day that everything changed. People had been asking things behind my back around the entire school because they have began to notice I have been changing the way I've been dressing more and more. I don't really try with my makeup anymore, and instead of talking to everyone about the party thats going on this upcoming weekend, I'm trying to stay out of it. I guess it's something I couldn't hide for much longer. Things began to change with me about three months ago, the day I found out that I was pregnant. But I'm supposed to be the perfect girl, the one everyone wants to be with not the girl who's known as the schools slut. Time went on and I tried to not let the talk get to me, but toady I snapped. I couldn't take it anymore. The only people who knew were my parents, my sister and older brother, and my boyfriend. I was in lunch and I heard people around me whispering about me and unlike what many people think, I am a smart person. I looked at my boyfriend and he told me to ignore it but finally I did what needed to be done, and I did it the best way possible. I simply logged onto my twitter and posted the tweet. "I am pregnant, get over it."