Ian Flood
Bear at the Door
“Hey Joe yiou got a quarter”
“I mean I’m a little low on funds right now”
“C’mon man I could really use a dollar”
“I thought you needed a quarter”
“I probably actually need like 5”
“Oh ok”
“So can you hook me up”
“I mean I really don’t”
“I need five man can I have it or not”
“dude I’d love to help you out”
“Then help me out, lemme get a ten”
“It was five not one minute ago”
“Well things change”
“It was one minute”
“it’s a recession homie, inflation, high taxes”
“So shouldn’t you try and save your money”
“I mean I could”
“Try it”
“Wheres the fun in that though”
“pride in saving your money”
“yeah yeah”
“what’d you need money for anyway”
“i gotta get a book at the library”
“theres nothing to say”